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Our Company Traction

December 2021

Inception of the UCleaner device idea by co-founders Robert Choe and Blake Kuzemchak.

January-May 2022

Accepted into New Venture Practicum Course at UMD College Park. Through the course, we framed out our initial business model.

June-July 2022

UCleaner team was accepted into the Terp Startup Accelerator 2022. During this 8-week program, our team began the customer discovery process and were awarded the Customer Discovery Prize during TSA Demo Day.

October 2022

Awarded the Future Develops Award from the Shils Entrepreneurial Fund. UCleaner L.L.C. beat out over 50 other business plan proposals to win this award. 

November 2022

Accepted into I-Corps at GW program. Our team successfully completed over 20 customer interviews during this 3-week short course. 

January-June 2023

Accepted into and completed TEDCO SBIR/STTR Proposal Lab. Through this 6-month workshop series, UCleaner L.L.C. has received guidance on NSF SBIR Phase I grant application process.

July-August 2023

Accepted into and have successfully completed the NSF National I-Corps Program (Executive Summary ID: P-08619). 

UCleaner Customer Discovery Picture.JPG

Next Milestones

  • Continue Customer Discovery Process

    • Conduct 500 Customer Discovery Interviews by Year-End 2023

  • Fundraising

    • UCleaner L.L.C. is currently preparing applications for NSF SBIR Phase I, NSF PFI, and MIPS grants.

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